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Our tailor-made solutions, in-house design and innovative board systems are characterized by magnetic strength, robustness and effortless cleaning. Quality that impresses!


Pylon folding/sliding board

The pylon folding/sliding board combines stylish design with functionality: elegant, natural anodized aluminium profiles, secure chalk tray, 180° stop for stability and safety, as well as a practical chalk and sponge tray for convenience and efficiency. Optional for interactive projectors.

wB Writing Boards

Pylon single-surface sliding panel

Function meets elegance: elegant design with natural anodized aluminium profiles and practical chalk tray with safety edge protection. Optional for interactive projectors.

  • Maximum safety thanks to 180° stop
  • Elegant design meets robustness
  • Large chalk and sponge tray

wB Writing Boards

Pylon folding/sliding board

Flexibly movable on aluminum pylons. Robust, lightweight, perfect solution for dynamic requirements. Optional for interactive projectors.

  • Proven pylon height adjustment
  • Writing surfaces with innovative special honeycomb panel support material
  • Durable and low-maintenance

wB Writing Boards

Pylon double sliding panel

Innovation in motion: Quiet and maintenance-free thanks to ball-bearing castors. Adjustable height for flexible requirements. Optional for interactive projectors.

  • Maximum writing surface
  • Surfaces individually selectable
  • Quiet and maintenance-free

wB Writing Boards

Patent double panel

Large selection of board surfaces, magnetic and flexible: double writing surfaces for independent use, guided by pylons.

  • double writing space
  • Magnetic and versatile
  • Large selection of writing surfaces 

wB Writing Boards

Frame-sliding panel

Robust construction: The sliding frame made of painted tubular steel ensures stability and durability.

  • Maintenance-free rollers for smooth movement.
  • Secure end positions for a firm hold
  • Available as a wall-mounted, free-standing or mobile version

wB Writing Boards


Quality and durability. Robust and versatile: ÜV-tested and GS-certified for the highest standards.

  • High-quality steel enamel surface
  • Resistant to chemicals, scratches and dirt
  • Tested safety and quality

wB Writing Boards

Pylon double folding/sliding panel

Practical design: Rounded chalk tray, easy to move, maintenance-free and quiet thanks to ball-bearing castors. Optionally with multi-touch display.

  • 6 different panel surfaces
  • Space miracle for your needs - from large to compact
  • Maintenance-free and low-noise

wB Writing Boards

Bogie panel

Mobile and flexible: Easy to move, rotatable for individual adjustments and magnetic for creative presentations with magnets.

  • Mobile and lightweight - for any location
  • Customizable alignment
  • Magnetic writing surfaces 

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