mP Height Systems

Cost-efficient, flexible, barrier-free - the perfect height adjustment solution!


Pylon display system with panel wing

Experience top quality and flexibility with the pylon display system from MEBIKON. The legendary, low-maintenance height adjustment offers secure wall mounting for stylish displays with side wings. MEBIKON sets standards with proven quality and reliability - the perfect solution for displays in perfection.


mP Height Systems

Pylon display system

Experience top quality and flexibility - legendary, low maintenance - perfect for displays with style.

  • Reliable mechanical height adjustment
  • Secure wall mounting
  • Proven quality and reliability

mP Height Systems

Pylon display system with panel wing

Legendary quality, flexible application, low maintenance. Reliability for every requirement.

  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Low-maintenance and durable
  • Variety for little extra charge

mP Height Systems

Pylon double sliding panel with display

Versatile height adjustment for various applications, precise mechanics, stable wall mounting for safety and stability.

  • Flexible and versatile
  • Precise and reliable
  • Robust wall mounting

mP Height Systems

Pylon single-surface sliding panel

Precise height adjustment and versatile steel enamel panels - your ideal writing solution in various colors. Optional for interactive projectors.

  • 5-year guarantee on height adjustment
  • 25-year guarantee on the panel surfaces
  • Magnetic and projectable

mP Height Systems

Pylon folding/sliding board

Ideal for classrooms, seminar rooms and IT rooms - high-quality, foldable board wings in various colors for interactive teaching and presentation purposes. Optional for interactive projectors.

  • Folding board wings in various colors and rulings
  • writable, dry-wipeable, magnetic
  • universally applicable

mP Height Systems

Pylon double sliding panel

High-quality, magnetic writing surfaces in various sizes and colors for versatile applications. Optional for interactive projectors.

  • with projection function
  • unlimited size options for your needs!
  • Versatile in use

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