eQ Lift Systems

Flexibility, simple operation and individual customization for maximum efficiency in your day-to-day work!


eQ Lift TiltTec

Maximize your portfolio with the eQ Lift TiltTec from MEBIKON: a groundbreaking height adjustment with tilt function for demanding work environments. Offer your customers an innovative solution that tilts displays up to 90 degrees - ideal for interactive tables. With the combination of state-of-the-art technology and proven MEBIKON quality, the eQ Lift TiltTec not only guarantees satisfaction, but also an attractive price-performance ratio.


Whiteboard system with interactive projector on eQ Lift Mobil Basic

Unrivaled versatility: All the advantages of an interactive whiteboard system combined with unlimited mobility!

  • Sturdy castors with parking brakes for maximum safety
  • Barrier-free - easy operation thanks to ergonomic working height
  • Writing surfaces with innovative special honeycomb panel support material
  • Durable, low-maintenance, mobile and flexible


eQ Lift Mobile Basic

Ultimate mobility: Easy to move, barrier-free and stable.
Flexibility redefined!

  • Sturdy castors with parking brakes for maximum safety
  • Barrier-free - easy operation thanks to ergonomic working height
  • Mobile and flexible


eQ Lift Mobile Premium

Maximum flexibility: mobile use with roll function. User-friendly for everyone. Versatile in use.

  • Sturdy castors with parking brakes for maximum safety
  • for any display size up to 105″
  • Optionally with side wings


eQ Lift TiltTec

Tilt the display, transform it into an interactive table and experience mobile flexibility.

  • Innovative 90-degree inclination
  • Display can be used as an interactive table
  • Flexible and mobile


eQ Lift Wall

Floating elegance: electrically height-adjustable, space-saving on the wall, including PC shelf. The eQ Lift Wall revolutionizes your display experience.

  • Electrically height-adjustable for the optimum position
  • Versatile wall mounting saves space and creates an aesthetic design
  • Includes PC tray for tidy storage of accessories


eQ Lift Wall Floor

Easy to operate, extremely energy-efficient with just 0.1 watts in standby mode and safe thanks to collision protection - ideal for everyone, including wheelchair users.

  • Maximum operational reliability thanks to integrated technology
  • Adaptable mount for your existing displays
  • Various accessories can be selected according to your needs

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